Daniela Spector is a  portrait and lifestyle photographer based in New York.


I would like to preface this post with letting my family and IRL friends, who might be reading this, know that meeting people via social media networks doesn't always end in murder or play out like a scene from Catfish

After months of admiring Grace and Daniel's photos on Instagram, I decided to step out of my tiny comfort zone and see if they wanted to meet for a photo adventure. I was drawn to the simplicity of Grace's feed which seems to center around the philosophy that less is more. Being able to find the quiet moments in a busy city like New York is a feat on it's own. Daniel's feed, on the other hand, revolves around the theme of curls. He has the uncanny ability to capture the subtle nuances between each curly haired girl and the cities they inhabit, while remaining true to his subject.

Simplicity is not an end in art, but we usually arrive at simplicity as we approach the true sense of things.
— Constantin Brancusi

We decided to meet on an insanely cold morning in Greenpoint, for a tour of hidden gems curated by Grace. Our journey began at former glass factory, Glasserie, now a Middle Eastern restaurant situated at the mouth of Newtown Creek by the Pulaski Bridge. We got to know each other over brunch and then headed to Ovenly for sweets.

Bellocq was the last stop on our tour. Surrounded by industrial buildings, graffiti, and trash in the gutters, it was hard to shake the feeling that you weren't Alice falling down a rabbit hole into Wonderlandt; when you walk into the magical little tea shop.


It was the perfect quintessential day in Brooklyn.