My coffee adventures over the past month or so have taught me a few things,

- The barista's excitement to take your order and prepare your drink is directly proportional to how well your drink is made.

- The amount of time to wait for someone to give up their seat while they put on their coat and pack their bags is approximately - 0 min. You must claim that seat with a friendly smile and an item of clothing ASAP because coffee dwellers are caffeinated and nimble.

- If you hold an empty seat for too long, someone will cut you... or at the very least glare at you suspiciously until they are certain that you are not saving the seat for an imaginary friend.

We were lucky enough to snag a bench by the window as soon as we walked into La Colombe last Saturday. Despite how much larger La Colombe is compared to other coffee shops in New York, it still had a line wrapped around the center bar while lurkers hunted for seating. It was eerily similar to trying to find a parking spot at the mall on Christmas Eve.


I developed an urge to catch a sunset somewhere in the city, which was possibly fueled by the cappuccino. We decided to head over to the Mondrian Hotel's rooftop lounge, only to discover it's closed during winter. Fortunately, the decor inspired by the 1946 Jean Cocteau film Beauty and the Beast, that offers a touch of fantasy (but mostly luxury), was enough to distract me from pouting at my slight misfortune. While the view from the top floor hallway was enough to satiate my desire to find the perfect location for a sunset.


Elvis Costello's Little Boxes always plays in my head whenever I catch New York at this angle.