I've written about my admiration for Daniel's work, so when he contacted me to do a product shoot for his new book, I was feeling pretty good (that joke was for all 1% of my audience who watch "Curb Your Enthusiasm"... and by 1%, I mean Alex. You're welcome, Alex).

In his book, One Foggy Day, Daniel continues his exploration of women with curly hair during a day in which a mysterious fog engulfed New York; causing cars, bike riders, and fast-moving humans to slow down and proceed with caution. The fog became a supporting actor in Daniel's book and the world of clear rational thought gave way to a dreaminess, an ambiguity, and a kind of knowing that is more nuanced and less absolute. 

Though clear waters range to the vast blue autumn sky,
How can they compare with the hazy moon on a spring night!
Most people want to have pure clarity,
But sweep as you will, you cannot empty the mind.
— Keizan Zenji

By combining the concept of fog with the fascination of curls, Daniel causes the viewers to pause in their busy day and regard the model, Crystal Castillo, in a new perspective. Hair carries DNA and thus codes race, ethnicity, and gender, but the cut and characteristic of a head of hair can also reveal parts of one's personality. The model's unruly and heavy curls that perfectly frame her face give the impression of individuality, almost defying conformity (especially with the prevalence of hair-straightening products currently on the market).

I highly recommend this thoughtful book, copies of which will be available on Daniel's website this week!