65 degree weather is confusing, particularly after you've spent the past 5-6 months being brutalized by a harsh winter. Suspicions of this weather may still be lingering, but ignore them and leave your second and third (and fourth) layer in your coat closet.

Instead choose an open backed shirt, because that intense wind is no longer painful, it's actually pretty nice. Bonus: if you stand in just the right position the wind makes you to feel like Beyoncé

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If you're feeling a little fancy, try a twist on the classic Canadian Tuxedo. For better results, pair it with a cool car. 

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Since your extremities will no longer feel as if they're going to fall off if you expose them to the elements, go to your closet, dig into the very back, and pull out your favorite sandals. Give your toes a good wiggle and allow them to be free from wool socks and the confining boots that you were forced to wear for three weeks straight of endless snow. 

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