Julio is Maggie’s brother. He did a tour in Vietnam and came back with PTSD and horrifying stories, which he kept suppressed for decades. He was also exposed to Agent Orange, the defoliant that the U.S. dropped on Vietnam. He developed massive, scaly psoriasis or eczema all over his body. He didn’t get treatment until about 40 years after he came back, because PTSD wasn’t recognized as a mental illness. He once told me that, after a firefight, he was ordered to pick up pieces of U.S. soldiers and put them in body bags. They didn’t know which pieces belonged to which soldiers so he found as many pieces as he could to add up to one body. Medical treatment and counseling helped - the skin condition abated and talking with other veterans enabled him to exorcise some of his demons. He stayed with us a couple of times for several weeks, some of that time in the VA hospital in Miami, and some of that time in our home. (The VA hospital in San Juan was a disaster.)